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Education is the formation of Jesus Christ in souls, and teaching is the illumination of souls with the splendor of Jesus Christ.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Taking the path of Hope with Mary - First Day PDF Print E-mail

Mary’s path of hope opens with the Annunciation. It is a simple narrative, but it divides history. Here we see the fidelity of God, the fidelity of Jesus and the fidelity of Mary – a fidelity explained in three words by the angel to Mary, “Rejoice, fear not!” Nothing is impossible for God.
Fidelity is a central attitude of this first stage of Mary’s path of hope. In reality, it is the first and essential attitude of the whole life of Our Lady. Everything started at the moment when she says “yes” to God. It is a radical and definitive “yes”, but in the obscure light of faith. It is also in faith that she accomplished her journey. This makes her “yes” closer to the exigencies and limits of our own “yes”. It was sufficient for her to rely on a triple security – God loved her with predilection, God asked for this consent, for God nothing is impossible. Mary’s fidelity is lived in poverty, trust and availability.

Let us ask Mary for the grace to constantly place with confidence our fidelity on God’s fidelity.

Lord our God, we give you thanks for the mystery of the Annunciation. Our hearts have been enlight ened through the angel’s message and Mary’s total trust. May the good news of your salvation be an announced to all, and may it be received with faith and gratitude, through Christ our Lord.


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