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Education is the formation of Jesus Christ in souls, and teaching is the illumination of souls with the splendor of Jesus Christ.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Interviewer – Would you share with us a bit about your background: family, childhood, early education etc.?

Fr. Alex – I was born in 1971 in Manila, Philippines to Teodoro and Juanita Castro and have a half - sister. My father was a blacksmith. I attended San Vicente Central School, graduating in 1984 and Assumpta Technical High School in 1988, both s schools in Pampanga. My college education focused on secondary education and Filipino and Philippine History, graduating in 1993.

– Where did your Assumptionist roots begin? Did anyone in particular have a significant impact on your life?

– My Assumption roots go back to the influence of the Religious of the Assumption sisters in high school, especially through Sr. Mary Ann, as teacher and later as administrator. I am happy and proud to say that I was a “purple blooded A.A. through high school.” Altogether, I worked with the community for 15 years of my life. I did graduate work at Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines where I received a MA in Religious Education in 2006. Later I did my theological studies at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA and Sacred Theology at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, graduating in 2009.

Would you share some of your formation memories?

– I did my novitiate at St. Anne/St. Patrick’s parish in Sturbridge, MA followed by first profession in 2004. My perpetual profession was made at Assumpta Chapel in Pampanga, Philippines in 2009. Both my deaconate and priesthood ordinations took place at Our Lady of Pentecost parish in Loyola heights, QC by Cardinal Luis Tagle.

- Do you have a favorite scripture passage?

– Yes, it comes from my heart as a religious educator. It is found in both Mark 16:15 where Jesus said to his disciples, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” And also in Matthew 28:28 where it is written, “go and teach all nations, says the Lord…”

Where did subsequent community assignments take you?

– Before entering the congregation, I taught history, economics and religion at Assumpta Tech High School in the Philippines. As an Assumptionist, my assignments have been in formation ministry both in the Philippines and in the U.S. in Worcester. Presently, I am co-chaplain of the Filipino Apostolate in the Archdiocese of Boston and on the Board of Trustees of Assumption College in Worcester. I am also Delegation Treasurer and Local Treasurer of the Brighton community and an associate publisher of the Living with Christ Philippine Edition.

How have you experienced growth in the living out of your Assumptionist charism?

– I have experienced growth through my community experiences, the congregation’s focus on education at different levels and the opportunities I have had to spend time with the students at the college.

What hobbies or other interests do you have?

– I enjoy history, which I used to teach, collecting stamps/coins, archival work and things liturgical, including liturgical art.

What is your vision and/or hope for the future of the congregation and/or the Church?

– My hope for the future of the congregation is our continued growth of the Asian reality and the strengthening of the U.S. Territory with regard to personnel and resources.

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