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Education is the formation of Jesus Christ in souls, and teaching is the illumination of souls with the splendor of Jesus Christ.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Let us contemplate Mary as she offers her Son to the Father. It is a providentially powerful moment when Mary feels Jesus is truly her own. He is not only her Son, but also her Redeemer. “At the foot of the Cross stood His Mother” (Jn.19: 25-27).
Mary understands and feels the rending pain of her offering; but she also experiences her mysterious fruitfulness. Never has she ever felt so alone – her Son dies. But never also has she ever felt accompanied and even more fruitful. The Church is born. “Behold your son” (the Church, humanity).
The world cannot live without Christ. “God so loved the world that He gave his only Son.” Today the world cannot live without “the Church, the Body of Christ.” Everything is fruit of the love of the Father; but everything, too, is fruit of the generosity – so serene and strong, painful and fruitful – of Mary.



Lord, you willed that the mother of your son, standing by the Cross, be one in his sufferings. Grant that your Church be also united with the passion of Christ in order to participate in His resurrection. Through your Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


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